Protected health information (PHI) is the currency of digital transformation.

Today, healthcare providers rely on a patchwork of security solutions from other industries in an attempt to secure PHI. 

Compared to the financial services industry that has had decades to develop software specifically designed to protect electronic currency, healthcare providers have been forced to use solutions from other sectors to protect health information. The result is an ineffective patchwork of applications not suited for the unique needs of protecting PHI.


Most PHI incidents involve the last meter of the network. 

While perimeter and network security is important, most PHI incidents occur at the endpoints and the devices connected to the endpoints. Whether the endpoint is managed by IT or is in a remote affiliate's office, the healthcare provider is usually responsible for the breach.


The shift to distributed care, the rise of accountable care organizations, and the value of PHI is making the security problem worse.

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.20.43 PM is building the first PHI security application.

Join us as a design partner as we get ready to launch the industry's first PHI security solution.

Founded by the co-founder of Imprivata, Tausight knows healthcare. We are recruiting hospitals, healthcare systems, and ambulatory clinics to help shape the first version of Tausight. Join other industry leaders to create a new way to manage healthcare IT. Sign up for a private briefing. We can share what we are doing and hear your concerns around PHI security.