Bring PHI Intelligence to your

Experience Healthcare’s First PHI Security Intelligence Platform

Traditional security leaves
healthcare IT, security & privacy
teams asking…

  • Where is all
    of our ePHI?

  • Who/what has
    access to ePHI?

  • How can we
    minimize risk?

Tausight delivers unmatched visibility & intelligence into ePHI

Tausight’s healthcare data security platform is trained using a patented algorithm to find ePHI on devices, data stores and cloud assets. The result is powerful insights on the how PHI is being accessed, where it’s traveling, and how it might be at risk.

Integrated for
the uniqueness of healthcare.

Tausight is designed to fit into the unique, decentralized environments of healthcare. API integrations with leading security operations, ticketing and response systems enable automated protection of vulnerable ePHI.

Deployed in minutes…not months

Tausight’s agentless cloud deployment and lightweight sensor can be installed in minutes, helping you discover ePHI in 60 minutes or less.

Immediate time to value

24/7 Availability w/Cloud-based SaaS

No deployment team needed

Reduce Risk, Liability & storage costs

Experience the power of Tausight

It’s finally time for the good
guys to have the unfair advantage.

With Tausight, healthcare organizations can gain the upper hand against
risk or adversaries; so they can focus on what matters most – Patients.

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