From Intauleca to Tausight

Re-naming a company is fun, but challenging. For the team at what used to be called Intauleca, we wanted a new name that better reflected our mission of solving ePHI integrity challenges in healthcare organizations. With the support of the founder and the board, we started the process.

To get the project going, we put some guardrails up around the process. The constraints we used were:

  • Meaningful to the founder - no random names, the founder had to see meaning in it

  • Domain had to be available - we didn’t want to mess around with domain brokers unless we really, really had to

  • Easy to remember

  • Preferably 2 syllables

  • URL easy to read

  • Not too literal - companies that pick something too literal to what they are doing today end up limiting their long term brand value. At the same time, we wanted a name that more closely aligned with our vision.

  • USPTO and Google search needed to be clear. In addition, we wanted a positive legal opinion on trademarking

  • Nothing trendy - no “X”, number or odd top level domain

With this as the framework, we started our search.  David had attraction to the greek letters Tau and Phi due to their connection to math, correlation, and machine learning.  Since the company is using machine learning to provide insight into the extremely complex world of healthcare, using one of these words in the name made sense.  Tau already appeared in the old company name. The advantage of using these Greek letters plus a modifier was that it opened up many possible domains for us. There were just not that many domains reserved with Tau or Phi in the name.

At this point, it was then just a matter of adding modifiers to Tau and Phi.  Phi had a special place for us since not only was it a Greek letter related to math and correlation, but PHI also stands for protected health information. As a company working to maintain the integrity of PHI, the double entendre was nice.

There was a long list of possible combinations we looked at.  First we tried using some latin modifiers such as:

  • Secura - security

  • Sana - to sanitize

  • Assura - assurance

From this, we started to get a good list of possible words.  English words that also held some meaning to us included:

  • Guard

  • Sentry

  • Sight

Ultimately we ended up on Tausight, which was our second attempt at renaming. We had one prior finalist that didn’t pass legal due to concerns over trademarks. In hindsight, the prior finalist was actually pretty limiting as we are learning today.  It used the root “secura”. As we consider ourselves a new class of application outside of cybersecurity, secura would have really placed us into cybersecurity directly. Talking with CIOs over the past 60 days,  we see a clear pattern emerging where they consider our application more of an ePHI integrity application of which security is a part of it, but not all of it. After another legal search, we became Tausight.


Once we completed the naming, we had a quick sprint to build out the rest of our infrastructure.  End to end it took about 60 days, but renaming a company can’t be rushed. We did not have any off sites, a creative agency, nor spend hours at a time on the name.  We tended to work in short sprints, with just one or two people. For feedback, we used our board of advisors and many of our potential customers. From a creative standpoint, we also reached out to some creative and brand all stars in Boston for quick 15 minute feedback sessions. To some this may seem as though we under appreciated the value in a great name.  You might be correct. But our belief is that as we build out an absolutely killer SaaS product to help CIOs maintain patient data safety, our reputation will be the single biggest element of our brand.  

Renaming complete - now back to building our ePHI Integrity product.