No More Icelandic Skyr - The Boston Space Hunt is On


With our seed round closed, and more hiring underway, it is time to move out of our investors space at Polaris Partners.  They have been kind hosts, but we have outgrown the space. We will miss the ability to walk down the hall and get some council on what we are doing.  Worse, and this is a big deal, is the access to one of our favorite foods -- Icelandic Skyr Yogurt.  Their fridge was stocked with it.  Polaris Ventures actually invested in Icelandic Provisions which explains the well stocked fridge.  Great story about that here.

For our space search, the San Francisco office is currently operating out of a shared office space which is fine for now.  In Boston, we are at a tipping point where shared space is almost too small, but a sub-lease is almost too big for the next six months.  After  looking at some space with  T3 Advisors,  we are going to rent a room at one of the shared office spaces.

In terms of location, we are committed to being well within 128.  The company has a northward center of gravity due to the Imprivata connection.  Right now we are looking at the North Station area for easy access to the north side of Mass Pike for commuter rail, and the ability to get people who ride the Green and Orange line.  Downtown crossing is another possibility.  Our others investors, Flare Capital Partners, are in the Back Bay.  Maybe space near them? We ruled out the Seaport since it is too expensive and just too hard to get to until they build the Seaport Gondola.

Handel Architects via City of Boston

We expect to have this wrapped up in the next three months -- actually we have to, since the hiring plan requires it.  Join us!  We are looking for some great people who want to do meaningful work in healthcare.