Into Stealth Mode We Go!

Two weeks ago we launched our public presence for Tausight.  While the engineering team has been busy working away over the past year or so, there was no public image for the company.   After a name change,  we are now public.

What are we up to?

Here is the balance -- we are still building, so we don't want to say too much, but we are also hiring, so we need say enough.

Here is the elevator pitch - Healthcare is a $17 trillion industry in the US alone.  Inside the healthcare industry,  keeping your patient data confidential, available, and not corrupted is a major issue for health care providers. With the shift from paper to electronic medical records,  the systems, processes, and education hasn't caught up fast enough making patient data safety an issue.

We are out to help fix that, and have assembled the right team of people to do it.  David Ting, the co-founder and former CTO of Imprivata knows this space well.   Due to his stature in the industry, he has been able to attract the right team to build the product, and the best investors - Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners to help finance it.  We are working on real problems, with big implications for healthcare and patient safety.  

Did I mention we are hiring?  Check out our jobs board as we are hiring in both Boston and San Francisco.  This is a great opportunity for the right person to join an early stage startup, pre-product, that has the DNA and prior track record to go big.