We are building a better way to ensure the integrity of your ePHI

Digital transformation of healthcare rests on the foundation of patient data integrity. Today, that foundation is shaky. 


In statistics, the Kendall rank correlation coefficient, commonly referred to as Kendall's tau coefficient (after the Greek letter τ), measures the ordinal association between two measured quantities.

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noun- the faculty or power of seeing

verb - manage to see or observe

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Use machine learning to improve patient care, clinician satisfaction, regulatory compliance and the rate of innovation while improving ROI on existing cybersecurity investments


An experienced healthcare software team

Tausight was founded in 2018 by the cofounder and former CTO of Imprivata, David Ting, with the vision of reducing healthcare cyber incidents using a proactive, risk management philosophy. We are a team of experienced healthcare technology innovators–backed by top-tier healthcare investors Polaris Partners and Flare Capital Partners working to solve an urgent and massive pain point for a $3T industry.

Join us at our upcoming events as we work to build the foundation for ePHI integrity.

HIMSS 2020

We will be demonstrating Tausight and showing off the commercial version. Stop by booth 1185 and catch up with David Ting and see Tausight in action.


Hiring in Boston

Located at 200 Portland Street in the WeWork facility, we are convenient to North Station. Check out our careers section.


Hiring in San Francisco

We are a bi-coastal company with roots in Massachusetts and the Bay Area.  Our team has studied and worked on both coasts, so we know what it takes and the advantages of being bi-coastal. We are currently operating out of a shared workspace downtown. Check out our careers section.