“Securing your clinical workflow begins with knowing how your PHI is being accessed across your distributed system.”

David Ting,
Founder & CTO

A Pervasive Risk
Protected health information is extremely difficult to protect and its high market value has become the center of cyberattacks.
Patient records compromised by breaches in 2019, more than 2009-2014 combined.
The cost of breaches in 2019, an average of $429 per patient record.
In Q1 2020, healthcare sectors accounted for more than half of all industry breaches.

Clinical Workflow Contains Hidden Vulnerabilities

Decentralized healthcare creates more PHI@Risk™

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With dangers like these as a backdrop, CIO’s, CISOs and their teams are faced with a mix of challenges that are unique to protecting PHI.

How do you protect what you can’t see?

Finding PHI at rest or in movement is a need unmet. There are also limited ways to actively sense and continuously monitor hidden IT system vulnerabilities, such as unencrypted files, unauthorized permissions, unpatched devices, and unknown applications.

Regulation tightens the reins.

The HIPAA Security Rules suspension will soon be lifted. Given the breadth and depth of the requirements to better protect PHI, hospitals will be ill-prepared to protect PHI@Risk.

Existing methods fall short.

Healthcare has put in place a multitude of data security software tools and strategies, such as “defense in depth”, but they continue to fall short in addressing the unique and highly complex data privacy and security requirements within healthcare. Largely adopted from other industries, cybersecurity methods are focused primarily on identifying network devices, traffic, and defending against perimeter attacks – not managing PHI@Risk

COVID-19 crisis turned the risk clock way ahead.

The COVID-19 outbreak unleashed years of pent-up decentralized healthcare IT innovation and has forced the health care community to leap forward three to five years in the span of a few months. The pandemic created a new virtual, remote, and work from home care model, that puts PHI at even greater risk of being exposed, altered, or stolen.

Medical IoT device expansion adds new risk.

Digital health IoT devices are now ubiquitous, and new kinds of Class II medical devices are entering the market relatively easily as “wellness” products. Without the conventional FDA regulatory approval or oversight required for “diagnostic” medical devices, more stringent safety and security standards are also compromised. This megatrend opens the door to increased PHI exposure and vulnerability, both across decentralized healthcare and within vendor managed private clouds.

Accelerated virtual care adoption expands the attack surface.

The explosion of endpoints due to telehealth and M.D.’s working from home further compounds the problem of PHI@Risk. As one hospital CIO recently stated; “Ensuring that conversations with protected health information, especially diagnosis information, is contained to healthcare works in the home only, and not their relatives and friends, can be risky, especially during a video conference. Additionally, written and digital documentation in eyeshot of nonclinical individuals in a home is a huge risk.”

Protecting patient safety.
Protecting you.

Tausight is a patient data security startup.

Our mission is the reduction of healthcare cyber incidents using a more proactive, risk management philosophy.

We understand the complexity of healthcare.

We have created a breakthrough, multi-patented, technology platform and sophisticated information architecture that will revolutionize how to best protect patient’s protected healthcare information (PHI).

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Our technology is powered by proprietary machine-learning algorithms, patented IoT sensing technology and our Google Cloud DevOps infused private cloud.

Now testing. Close to market entry.

Tausight has created a SaaS deployable solution that will continuously identify the risks to PHI that stem from now hidden IT system vulnerabilities.

Work with us. We have reinvented how to best protect patient data.

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