Introducing Tausight PHI@RiskTM

Tausight PHI@Risk™ –Securing Shadow PHI at The Edge™

Tausight PHI@Risk™ sees your Shadow IT and your Shadow PHI in real-time.

Healthcare is more vulnerable to attack than ever.
Healthcare is susceptible to unique, hidden vulnerabilities. CIOs and CISOs must confront threats to the confidentiality, integrity, and security of their patients’ PHI.


of employees say they use applications on the job that aren’t approved by IT.*

Shadow IT

Unintentionally, employees and staff compromise security by installing and using unauthorized applications, personal email, and third-party software.

*Gartner. Sachin Dev. “Healthcare and Life Science CIOs Must Drive Ongoing Strategic Cost Optimization Across the Enterprise”; 2021 Aug 13.

Shadow PHI

PHI becomes vulnerable and at risk in the following circumstances:

Shared workstations allow easy access to PHI

Unseen PHI transfer to wellness and medical app private clouds

Clipboard transfers of PHI data

Clinicians printing paper copies of PHI

Transient workers, academic researchers take PHI with them

Clinicians working virtually outside of hospital firewalls

Clinical users with excessive admin privileges


of healthcare patient data is unstructured.**

**Pak HS. “Unstructured data in healthcare” Healthcare Tech Outlook; 2019 Jan 15.

Cybersecurity is not designed to protect PHI within clinical workflow or at the edge of decentralized, virtual healthcare.

See your vulnerabilities, Shadow IT, and users causing risk.

Where is your PHI@Risk?
Locate vulnerable PHI on shared workstations and within unencrypted or dormant files

Where is PHI moving into risk?
See PHI moving to unknown clouds, removable USB drives, unknown email recipients, unencrypted drives, and clipboards

What users are creating risk?
Watch users move PHI into risk

Where are Shadow IT anomalies?
Locate shadow applications that represent a potential threat to PHI

Start Securing Shadow PHI at The EdgeTM

“Cyber resiliency is the new norm. Business continuity requires securing your PHI clinical workflow.”
– Cybersecurity Task Force

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