Our teams work very closely together. I consider them my second family.”

Roxanne Chang
Product Experience Designer

tausight careers

Open Positions

It’s the right time to join Tausight.
We have the mission. We have the backing.
We have patent-pending technology.
Now we’re scaling our team.

Team Culture

We understand that healthcare is a vital responsibility. We believe startups should be ethical, fair, fun, just, open, supportive, and positive.

We work independently, remotely, and collaboratively. Micro-managers, not welcome.

Career Growth

We learn together. We grow together. Part of our weekly All Hands meetings include startup growth, financing, and management lessons learned from our founder and our CEO.


We believe in equal employment opportunity, fair compensation, employee development, and to the advancement of those qualified.

We do not tolerate ageism, racism, gender or sexual harassment, or any form of discrimination within our business operations or places of work. To be abundantly clear, we are committed to diversity, equity and belonging within our culture and across our company.

Fully Remote

Our team is primarily located within Greater Boston and the San Francisco Bay area, but we welcome remote workers and flexible working hours. We continuously strive to make decisions, create work environments, and institute business practices that seek to ensure the safety and well-being or our employees, their families, and their responsibilities at home.


  • Competitive compensation
  • Equal pay policy
  • Full medical, dental, vision benefits and 401K
  • Flexible work hours
  • Unlimited vacation policy, plus company holidays
  • Unlimited sick-leave policy that keeps everyone healthier
  • Family leave