Founder David Ting Explains Tausight

What is Tausight? Founder David Ting Explains (Video Transcript)

Bill Russell (Interviewer): I think the number one question people want to know is about Tausight, so let’s start there. What’s the challenge that you envision that Tausight is going to address in healthcare?

David Ting (Tausight CTO and Founder): Sure. So I see healthcare IT systems as truly a mission critical infrastructure. And having worked in infrastructure for my entire life, one of the things I really look for is how do IT managers understand what goes on across their system? How do they get to know what’s happening on their infrastructure? How do they manage it? How can they see what’s going on in real time? And how can that help them create a better system?

So, we chose Tausight. Tau is the Greek letter that’s used in math for statistical correlation. How do you get statistical data from across your entire infrastructure to say how consistent can I make my infrastructure and how precise can that be? Because that to me, having visibility, having insight, having the ability to compare both in and across all your end points, across all your users, across all your apps. That’s the basis for how you build true reliable infrastructures. Infrastructures that are safe, infrastructures that can deliver the kind of performance you want and the kind of security you want.