Tausight is pleased to announce that Frank Nydam has been named Chief Executive Officer

As Tausight enters its next phase of growth, the company is pleased to announce that Frank Nydam has been named Chief Executive Officer.

Nydam’s healthcare IT infrastructure experience and his understanding of the unique challenges that healthcare providers face will serve the company well as he embraces his new role as CEO in 2022. Prior to Tausight, his career at VMware spanned nearly two decades, with Frank founding VMWare’s healthcare practice; the company’s first industry vertical. Nydam’s experience in developing and delivering technology to improve efficiency and quality of care is strengthened by the various leadership positions he has held – including vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) VMware Healthcare, vice president global healthcare alliances at VMware, and most recently, Chief Development Officer at Tausight.

“Frank has spent the last 18 years entrenched in the healthcare IT world, working alongside IT security executives to help increase productivity, lower costs and improve care,” said David Ting, Tausight’s Founder and CTO. “Long ago, Frank anticipated the need for virtualized desktops in healthcare, where clinical workforces would benefit immensely from fast, secure access to electronic data at shared and roaming desktops and devices. Today, as the 21st Century Cures Act forces information sharing in the interest of higher quality and more efficient care, detecting and analyzing PHI in the data center and at every endpoint is critical to healthcare organizations. With Frank at the helm, we’re poised to realize our shared vision of situational PHI awareness across today’s decentralized healthcare ecosystem.”