A Breakthrough Patent

Recently, Tausight had a milestone moment that we are pleased to share! Our patent application for the architecture/approach used in our Tausight Sensor has been approved and assigned a patent number US 11,321,078 B2 by the US Patent office. 
This patent reflects the capabilities of our Sensor related to “Continuous in-place software updates with fault-isolation and resiliency”. This technology underpins the design of our Sensor to support Saas operations by allowing software components to be updated while running, without stopping or losing event data – something that is crucial in mission-critical environments like healthcare. The computation architecture is a major advance as it gives us the ability to update components of our Sensor without having to stop, update and restart the entire agent each time changes are needed. This ensures a non-disruptive approach to updating software across an enterprise having heterogeneous hardware and software components. Having worked in healthcare security for years, we knew that this approach was needed to avoid interruption of service, which could introduce system-levels faults and result in compromised security and/or patient care.
This breakthrough has potential application beyond Tausight’s situational PHI awareness platform.  It extends to medical device technologies where patients may have to be moved from one life-supporting device to a parallel machine while a software update takes place.  
We are pleased as a company and so proud of John Gage, Alain Slack and Sean Ting who took on the work to design, build and put into production this unique, new model on behalf of Tausight. 
A truly breakthrough technology for the healthcare IT world! Look for more breakthrough patents to come from Tausight! 
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David Ting

Founder, CTO and Board Director, Tausight

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