Tausight Free Trial

Please review the following before we get started.

How it Works

  • Tausight will send you an email with a link to download the sensor endpoint software (MSI package)
  • You can deploy the Tausight Sensor on up to 25 Windows 10/11 and/or VMware View VDI endpoints
  • For maximum trial value, deploy to all 25 endpoints, which should include a mixture of IT, business office, clinical team, analysts, and outpatient clinic/ambulatory environments. In particular, deployment to shared clinical workstations and roaming/shared laptop devices that leave the facility are of high value.
  • Tausight will provide PHI landscape, vulnerability and HITECH Cybersecurity Act section 405(d) adherence reports based on the number of endpoints with which the sensor has been deployed.
    • At 1 endpoint – total number of PHI files & total number of files scanned.
    • At 5 endpoints – In addition to the above, endpoint encryption status; endpoint OS patch status and least run/accessed applications.
    • At 25 endpoints – In addition to the above, PHI movement analysis (PHI emailed, PHI moved to cloud, PHI moved to USB device); identification of rapidly propagating applications.

Review of Findings
Tausight will set up a weekly call to review all report findings and address any questions.

45-day trial period beginning when the link to the sensor software has been provided by Tausight.

This Free Trial is subject to the Tausight Terms of Service Agreement, which can be found here.

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