Keys to Running an Audit-Ready IT Shop

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Most IT executives know that, despite taking all prudent measures, breaches are going to happen. And these days those breaches are sometimes followed by lawsuits (recently reaching class-action status). Even short of lawsuits, OCR or another entity could always come calling for one reason or another, demanding an intense look around. So what’s a CIO or CISO to do? Skate to the puck, that’s what. In this timely webinar, we’ll hear from leaders who have put time and energy into understanding the complexities of securing patient data as well as running the kind of IT shop that can respond to audit inquiries while continuing to protect the enterprise.

Continuing Education Credits: Attendees who hold the following CHIME certifications earn 1 CEU: CHCIO, CHISL, CFCHE, and CDH (all levels). Other programs — such as those offered by AHIMA and NAHQ/HQCC — may also award CEUs. Check with your provider.

Speakers Include:

  • Aaron Weismann, CISO, Maine Line Health
  • Rob Marti, VP of Solution Engineering/Field CTO, Tausight
  • Chris Logan, SVP/Chief Security Officer, Censinet
  • Anthony Guerra, Founder/Editor-in-Chief, healthsystemCIO
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Tausight Webinar Oct 26, 2023 at 12pm ET