Tausight joins MUSE!

It is truly wonderful to be back in the MUSE community again! 

MUSE is a supportive community where members enjoy each other’s company and really care about the shared mission. I love that MUSE members help each other out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a challenging technical question, or someone just wants to bounce around some ideas — there are always a few others who have gone through the same thing and are willing to provide their insights.

After working with MEDITECH customers who have been through ransomware, data breaches, insider security and privacy incidents, and a myriad of regulatory changes, I joined David Ting at Tausight™ so that I could take a more active role in this struggle. 

Many of you may already know David Ting — the founder and former CTO of Imprivata. David also participated as an appointee on the first HHS Cybersecurity Task Force, the group that published The Report on Improving Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry.  Motivated by the damage of Wannacry and other attacks, David decided to come out of  retirement and develop a unique approach to protecting patient data. He has a passion for solving difficult security problems while improving the lives of clinicians and patients.

David foresaw the privacy and security challenges that large-scale information sharing would introduce and has spent the last few years leading a team of expert data scientists, programmers and engineers who have developed the industry’s first Situational ePHI Awareness (SePHIA™) platform. We introduced SePHIA earlier this year and are working with CloudWave to deliver it as a managed service.  

All of us at Tausight™ are excited to be working with MUSE members to help reduce the risks to electronic PHI (ePHI) and to tackle some of the greatest challenges to the security and privacy of vital health data. 

I look forward to hearing from you all!  Please contact me any time or connect with me on LinkedIn –

profile photo of Justin Armstrong

Justin Armstrong, CISSP

Senior Healthcare Information Security Professional, Tausight

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